About Us

Hoops by JEM was created in 2015. I was inspired to bring Hula Hooping to the community after my daughter’s Girl Scout Bronze award. The Troop hosted a Hula Hooping night for the local Girl Scout Community. Each person that attended purchased a hoop for themselves and one to donate to a local school for: Recess, Gym and After-school programs. The Girl Scout Troop used Hula Hoops for exercise as a way to fight childhood obesity. During the event I saw what Hula Hooping could do on a large scale; it created pure happiness, while being a great way to exercise. Hula Hooping is a fun way to bring people together. Many of the mother-daughter couples that attended this hooping event, have commented that they now hula hoop on a regular basis together.

Increases energy and weight loss. You can burn up to 210 calories in 30min.

Relieves stress and helps your body relax.

Improves balance, rhythm and coordination.

Tones your core, butt, thighs and arms.

Increases flexibility, stamina and improves posture.

Creates a positive image and boasts your self-esteem!!!!

About Our Hula Hoops

Hoops by JEM, offers two different types of Hula Hoops: Light or Heavy. Light Hoops are made with 100psi polyethylene tubing and Heavy Hoops are made with 160psi polyethylene tubing. The light Hula Hoops on average weigh ½ lbs. - 1 lbs.; depending on the diameter. The Heavy Hula Hoops on average weight 1 ½ lbs. - 2 lbs.; depending on diameter. The tubing is held together with a plastic coupling and riveted on both sides. This guarantees that the hoop will not come apart. The Basic Hoop is taped with 2 different colors of vinyl tape, and gaffers tape for grip. Hoops by JEM, makes a variety of designer hoops with all different kinds of exotic tape, along with vinyl and gaffer tape. Each hoop is made to reflect an individual’s personality. Click 'View Our Selection!' to view all the different hoops available. New hoops are added regularly so check back frequently. If you don’t see a Hula Hoop you like, you can always contact Hoops by JEM below with a customize request (price will vary depending on tubing, size and tape).

View Our Selection!

A Beginner Hoop is for someone who has never hula hooped before or who has a hard time keeping the hula hoop in orbit for extended periods of time. A beginner hoop is also good for practicing moving and dancing in your hoop. Beginner Hoops are great for exercise and fitness.

An Intermediate Hoop is for someone who has been hula hooping for some time and can hoop for extended periods of time while moving and dancing. This hoop is great for learning tricks and starting hoop dance.

An advanced Hoop is for someone who can do a variety of basic tricks and wants a smaller faster hoop for more advanced tricks and skills.

See chart below for recommendation on diameter of Hula Hoop per height of the person hooping. Decide if you are a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Hooper. If you have a little extra around your middle you may want to go up a size in diameter if you fall in the middle to last height before the next size.

• Once you decide on the diameter you must decide on if you want a Light or Heavy Hula Hoop.

Heavy Hula Hoops are recommended for beginner hoops. They are slower and easier to maintain orbit. Heavy Hula Hoops are not recommended for children. They can cause bruising when first using the Hula Hoop. Heavy Hula Hoops are great for fitness and exercising.

Light Hula Hoops are harder to hula hoop with because they spin faster around the body, thus requiring more skill at hula hooping. Light Hula Hoops are recommended for: Intermediate Hoops, Advanced Hoops and children. Light Hula Hoops are great for Hoop dance and tricks.

Height Beginner Intermediate Advanced
4' 30 26 22
4' 1" 32 28 24
4' 2" 32 26 24
4' 3" 32 28 24
4' 4" 34 30 26
4' 5" 34 30 26
4' 6" 34 30 26
4' 7" 36 32 28
4' 8" 36 32 28
4' 9" 36 32 28
4' 10" 38 34 30
4' 11" 38 34 30
Height Beginner Intermediate Advanced
5' 38 34 30
5' 1" 40 36 32
5' 2" 40 36 32
5' 3" 40 36 32
5' 4" 42 38 34
5' 5" 42 38 34
5' 6" 42 38 34
5' 7" 44 40 36
5' 8" 44 40 36
5' 9" 44 40 36
5' 10" 46 42 38
5' 11" 46 42 38
Height Beginner Intermediate Advanced
6' 46 42 38
6' 1" 48 44 40
6' 2" 48 44 40
6' 3" 48 44 40

You should store your hoop inside, either flat on the ground or hanging up on a wall. This will help avoid warping. Do not leave your hoop outside for extended periods of time, exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, or cold temperatures. Do not leave your hoop in a car or trunk for extend periods of time. These conditions can cause warping of your hoop as well.

Overtime your hula hoop’s tape will wear and may need to be replaced. By hula hooping on grass, smooth surfaces and carpet, you will prolong the life of the tape on your hoop. Rough surfaces such as pavement and concrete can cause serious damage to your hoops tape.

If you have a minor tear or scrape on your tape you can paint over it with clear nail polish. This will help prevent further damage.

Your hula hoop can be washed using a damp cloth and mild soap and water. Do not use hard cleaning chemicals on your hoop, this can harm the tapes chemical makeup thus causing distortion in color or adhesiveness.

If you are experiencing problems with your Hoops by JEM Hula Hoop please contact us below.

Hoops by JEM warranties all hula hoops against defects in any workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the original purchaser. Any product that proves defective will be repaired or replaced, at our option, at no charge to customer.

This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage caused by accidents, abuse, neglect, alteration, or normal wear and tear.

Please email JEM@HOOPSBYJEM.COM, of any problems that occur with your purchased Hula Hoop.

Your credit card will be processed as soon as your order is submitted. You can request a full refund, via email, if your order has not been shipped.

We do not except used products for returns or exchanges. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a store credit or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Email JEM@HOOPSBYJEM.COM with details of why you would like to return or exchange your Hula Hoop. An email containing a shipping label and instructions on how to return the Hula Hoop will be provided. You the purchaser will be responsible for shipping and handling of the Hula Hoop back to Hoops by JEM. Once the returned hoop is received you will get an email confirmation and details on shipping of your new hoop. You will be responsible for shipping and handling expense of your new hoop.

If you receive a Hula Hoop that has been damaged or defective, please notify Hoops by JEM via email JEM@HOOPSBYJEM.COM . It will then be decided, by Hoops by JEM, if the damage or defective hoop should be returned to the warehouse or disposed of by the purchaser. If the hoop is to be returned, a shipping label with instructions for returning the hula hoop will be emailed. A credit or new Hula Hoop will be shipped as soon as the damaged/defective hoop is received. If the Hoop was determined to be disposed by Hoops by JEM, then a new hoop will be shipped after that determination.

Host a Party

Gather a group of friends/family/coworkers and introduce them to the fun world of Hula Hooping! This can be done inside or out, you pick the place.

The party will entail: 30 minutes of Hula Hooping instruction, while you and your friends get to try out hooping with demo hoops. Afterwards, everyone will have the opportunity to buy their own Hula Hoop to take home or place a custom order that they can pick up from the host/hostess at a later date. Depending on the number of Hula hoops sold the host/hostess will get their hoop at a discounted rate or FREE. The cost of the Hula hoops range from $18 to $43 per hoop; depending on the size of the hoop, the type of tubing, and the variety of tape used.

*****If you need a space to have your party, we can offer a list of locations. Rental costs are subject to change, and are based on the locations’ current rates.

Birthday Parties

Register a Birthday Party

For children 7 years and up, Hoops by JEM requires a 50% deposit with registration of party. For a full refund of deposit, a 2 week notice is required.

Decorate your own basic hoop (30-45 min), then Hula Hoop activities, lesson and music (45min)

Total time: 1 ¼ hours to 1 ½ hours, Minimum of 8 guests not including Birthday person, maximum of 20

Cost: $18 per guest, Birthday child/teen is free

Everyone gets to keep their very own personalized Hula Hoop!

Basic Hoop = 2 colors of solid vinyl tape

$4 per guest for Holographic rainbow sheen tape; add $2 per guest for Gaffer (grip tape)

Hula Hoop: games, lessons, tricks & music

Total time: 1 hour, Minimum of 8 guests not including Birthday person, maximum of 20

Cost: $10 per guest, Birthday child/teen is free

Hula Hoops will be provided to use during the party. Large size hoops will be available for free, for adult participation.

Hula Hoop: games, lessons, tricks & music, plus everyone will get to take home a professionally made Basic Hula Hoop.

Total time: 1 hour, Minimum of 8 guests not including Birthday person, maximum of 20

Cost: $23 per guest, Birthday child/teen is free

Add $3 per guest for Holographic Rainbow sheen tape and Gaffer (grip tape)

***If you need a space to have your party I have a list of locations, rental costs are subject to change, based on the locations rates.

Girl Scout Events

For children 7 years and up, Hoops by JEM requires a 50% deposit with registration of party. For a full refund of deposit, a 2 week notice is required.

Badge work with your Girl Scout Troop. See below a list of badges you can earn with a hula hooping event. The cost covers a 1½ -2 hour meeting, working on the badge of choice; there may be homework or prerequisites that will be provided. A 50% deposit is mandatory with registration. For full refund a 2 week notice is required.

Brownies: 1. Make your own Badge, 2. My Best Self, 3. Dancer

Juniors: 1. Make your own Badge, 2. Practice with Purpose, 3. Staying Fit

Cadettes: 1. Make your own Badge, 2. working on more activity badges from Journey’s, email or call for more information

Seniors: 1. Make your own badge, 2. working on more activity badges from Journey’s, email or call for more information

Cost: $20 per Girl Scout, including a Basic hoop w/2 colors or $10 without hoop.

Host a Hula Hooping Fun Night for your Girl Scout Community. This includes a Basic hoop w/2 colors, games, lessons, tricks & Hula Hooping Contest

Cost: $18 per Girl Scout, $23 per adult

***This is a great way to bring girls and adults, as well as multi-age groups together to share in fun and fitness.

****There is a fun patch for Hula Hooping available through your local Girl Scout store.

Contact Us

Email: jem@hoopsbyjem.com

Phone: (518)813-8499

Hoops by JEM
1732 River Road
Selkirk, NY 12158

Webmaster: webmaster@hoopsbyjem.com

Hula Hoop Classes

No experience with hooping is necessary and demo hoops will be provided if you do not have your own. The Hooping Fitness class will entail: warmup, cardio wast hooping, hip hooping, reverse hooping, basic off body moves, a cooldown, and streching. You will burn up to 420 calories in the one hour long class, while listening to music that motivates you to move. Hooping is a great, low-impact, cardio exercise that's so much fun, you won't even feel like you're exercising! The Hoop Dance Class will be more instructional on basic, intermediate, and advanced hooping moves. This class will be structured around a group hoop dance choreography. Both classes are for ages 9 and up.

Cost: $72 per six week session, or both six week sessions for $120 (2 free classes)

Walk-ins: $14 per class, only when there is availability. Call (518) 813-8499 before you come!

Sessions can be pro-rated if you decide to start mid-session

Discounts: $5 off returning students, pay in cash and get $3 off

Refer a friend and when they register for the first time, you will get 1 class free!

Class sizes are a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15. Registrations are on a first come first serve basis. Makeup classes are allowed on another day that a class is offered, if there is room, on a first come first serve basis. You must call ahead of time. You can make up a class at any time during the same paid session. Makeup classes will not be allowed to carry over to the next 6 week sessions.